Become a member

Become a member

We have two types of memberhips: regular members and key members. Both regular members and key members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. Key members also pay on top a monthly keyholding fee.


Fill in this application form if you want to join Helsinki Hacklab as a member:

Apply for membership

Your membership application is handled in the next board meeting, which usually happen every two weeks. Please allow us some processing time. New members applying for membership close to the end of the year receive membership invoice in the beginning of the next year only. You can consider yourself a full member as soon as you have filled in the application, so you don’t have to wait for any acceptance formalities before starting to use the tools in the lab.

Membership costs 35 € per year. Following information is needed in the application: name, email address, municipality you live in and a statement you accept the rules of the organization. So far the rules have not been translated to English, but some of the main points are:

  • Helsinki Hacklab works to advance hobby in technology, art and craft
  • the board can accept applicants as members if they accept the rules of the organisation
  • organization is independent and unaffiliated with any political, religious or such instance
  • member can ask to resign from membership by informing the board or the chairperson
  • member can be expelled if they have not paid their membership fee or have caused disadvantage to the organization
  • the association holds two yearly member meetings: a spring meeting and a fall meeting, every attending member has one vote in both meetings; new board is elected in the fall meeting

Key membership

Key members are essential for the existence of our association. Without them, we couldn’t pay our rent and other recurrent expenses. Please consider applying for your own key, if you feel we make important work or if you want to support us.

Those wishing to be key members need to send a freeform application to address (hallituksen meiliosoite). Applications are generally accepted after the applicant has introduced themselves to the board also in person and has visited the lab at least few times, so that they know the place, the tools, general rules, shop safety among other things.

Personal key costs 40 € per month. It’s a subscription, so please don’t leave months unpaid even if you don’t use the space – we need predictable inflow to get the rent paid. There is a possibility for discount depending on the applicants wish. Lowest accepted monthly payment has been so far 20 €. Discounts generally are given to students, unemployed and pensioners, but other reasons also are accepted and don’t have to be mentioned or explained in the application (we have no need to know). Please write in your application the monthly fee you would like to pay, and feel free add any discounts, if you wish.

If you request to cancel your key membership, please send an email to us and we will end your subscription. Do not return us the electronic key fob – we do not reuse them, so just keep it. If you happen to lose your key, send us email and we give you instructions to get a yourself a replacement.