Storing property

Storing property

Storing of personal, large or common materials at the Hacklab

The association gets more members all the time, so we need to apply following rules for storing material in the place for everyone’s comfort. Read these rules to avoid your personal belongings become recycled.

Personal belongings

Executive summary:
  • Storing personal things at the lab is allowed only for keyholders, in transparent SmartStore 15  boxes, and on the shelves designated for this purposes — not on the floor
  • The lid must be able to close and it must have owner’s name and contact information attached to its end.
  • If keyholder has over four personal storage boxes, then extra payment is charged on top of monthly keyholder payment.
  • Projects that do not fit in boxes and are progressing, can be asked for special permission. The board or actives in charge of keeping up the place can show you a proper place for storing.
  • Keyholder member must know how many personal boxes they have at the lab.
Amount of personal storage boxes Box fee on top of keyholder payment
0-4 boxes 0€
5 boxes 5€
6 boxes 6€
7 boxes 7€
etc. … etc. …
21 boxes Exceeds allowed limit!

Things stored at the lab must be held in see-through SmartStore 15 boxes, which has been chosen as the standard box (and yes, the lid must be able to close). These are also available in IP64 classification. The box must have a label indicating the name and email and/or phone number of the owner at the end, easily readable even when boxes are stacked. Boxes are stored in reserved shelving among other similar ones. The shelving is not to be used to store anything else than these personal standard boxes.

You can get SmatStore 15 boxes from just about any supermarket or hardware store (try Etola, Clas Ohlson etc.). When budget allows us, Hacklab also buys boxes for keyholder’s personal use. Commendable members can be given special permits to use other colors than clear see-through boxes.

Keyholder's boxes

Common materials and tools

The bonk storage is to be reserved for common materials and supplies. Please use whatever you want from the storage, no extra permission required, unless you suspect someone’s personal belongings have been put there by accident.

Hacklab wants to encourage our members, whether keyholders or regular members, to bring their tools to the place for everyone’s use. This doesn’t require storing them in personal boxes. Please mark your tools with your name and other wishes how you want them to be used.

Bigger or communal projects

Bigger projects, that do not fit in the standard box, should still be tried to keep in some see-through box with lids. For these projects you can apply from the board a storage permit for one month at a time. The number of extensions is not limited, but you must be able to show progress of the project, e.g. with keeping open paper log beside the project. We do not have space for storing projects that do not show steady progress or are not properly marked, and these things have heightened risk of being thrown out.

The communal projects (like the reactor simulator) and other big things in common use need an assigned (semi) permanent storage location from the board. Smaller communal projects and things can be held in standard boxes.


Incorrectly stored things will be considered scrap and recycled.