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Helsinki Hacklab ry.
Takkatie 18
00370 Helsinki

Helsinki Hacklab is a hackerspace located in Helsinki, Finland.

A non-profit organization, Helsinki Hacklab ry, was officially founded in 2010 to handle the administration and collection of fees for the would-be hackerspace. We finally found a suitable space in Vallila in middle of 2010 and then moved to Pitäjänmäki in October 2014. Currently we have about


members and scheduled happenings, member meetings and courses twice a week or sometimes even more often.

Helsinki Hacklab is part of hacklab.fi co-operation network of Finnish hackerspaces.

How to find us

Street address: Takkatie 18, Helsinki, door behind the building. Meetings every Tuesday 17:00 onwards. Direct phone number to the lab is +358 44 912 9922.

Roadside parking spots are easy to find at evenings and weekends, and there is place for few cars behind the building too.

The space is right in between of Pitäjänmäki train station and Mäkkylä station (both within local traffic zone B).

Bus number 550 (beltway route) also stops at these train statios. Pitäjänmäki train station also has a free parking area close to our location.

Tilan ulko-ovi sijaitsee rakennuksen takana
Entrance is located behind the building. (Old photo!)

Check Reittiopas for Helsinki region public transport routes to the lab: Reittiopas

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Contact or visit us

We have open doors every Tuesday night, unless it coincides e.g. with some major holiday. Please e-mail beforehand (hallituksen meiliosoite) or come to our IRC channel #helsinki.hacklab.fi @ IRCNet if you’re visiting Helsinki and want to visit our hackerspace outside regular opening hours, during holiday seasons or if you just want to be extra sure someone will open the door for you.

For quick access to #helsinki.hacklab.fi @ IRCNet, use: IRC (webclient).

Finnish is the predominant language at the lab and our IRC channel, but do not feel shy communicating in English with us! We also have active members who don’t speak Finnish and use English only.

Especially during snowy and rainy seasons and if you use the hackerspace regularly, please bring your own indoor shoes with you, if possible.

The Finnish Hackerspace/Hacklab discussion forum has all the independent Hacklabs represented and we welcome all discussion in English too. Ask there if you need any help with your project. The forum is part of the Finnish hackerspace co-operation network hacklab.fi.

Our photographing policy: you can take photos using our shared camera or using your own. People might not want to show in photos with their faces, so please ask first. Otherwise, it’s quite liberal here. Our hackerspace-camera is available for anyone to use, and photos taken with it are instantly uploaded to our Flickr account. Our Twitter handle is @HelsinkiHacklab.


We have two types of memberhips: members and key members. Both members and key members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. Key members also pay on top a monthly keyholding fee. Read more and fill in the application form online here.

Making and doing

Please note that tools and equipment are for member use only, and visitors can use them only under supervision or permit of a member. The members are co-responsible for maintaining the tools, and we don’t offer any services for visitors. Please let us know if you find malfunctions or damage in the tools.

Also, we’re a hobbyist group focusing in DIY. We usually don’t do make commission work or try to find workforce for your idea, with possible exceptions of projects related to fine arts or marketing co-operation.


We are developing a better calendar and event system. For now, most reliable source for events and happenings is this page (events with names in English are held in English).


Our website does not have much content in English, but at least we have a photo gallery.

(We have closed commenting on this page and kindly ask all questions to be directed to our discussion forum or IRC channel)