Open Tuesdays

Open Tuesdays

HUOM! Tarkasta voimassaolevat COVID 19 -poikkeukset, rajoitukset ja muu ajantasainen tieto blogin etusivulta. Voimassaolevat poikkeukset voivat vaikuttaa tällä sivulla lukevan tiedon paikkansapitävyyteen.

NOTE! Check out latest COVID 19 precautions, exceptions and notifications on the blog front page, as well as other possible changes in recurring happenings. Current exceptions to opening hours might apply to information stated on this page and make its content not up to date.

Just like most hackerspaces worldwide, Helsinki Hacklab also has Open Tuesdays every week! This means that the door to the workspace is open and anyone is welcome to visit us.

We start Open Tuesdays at 17.00 and continue as long as there are people still inside. Usually this means that the place closes somewhere between 22 and 24.

If there is some major holiday coinciding with Tuesday, please check first if there are any cancellations in our regular open hours. You can always call us if you are unsure, or you are arriving late (such as past 21.00). During summer the place is usually somewhat quiet, so we might be closing doors early!

Meet on Tuesday. Since all days are equally bad, just pick the Tuesday. End of discussion.