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Springtime 2021

Springtime 2021

Web development course starting soon!

Just a small update on what’s going on in Helsinki Hacklab in the spring of 2021. Lockdown is still going on, access is limited to key members mostly, but we have been active online. In 2021 we have had courses about ARM, Arduino and now we’re starting a new web development series. To participate, members can find #web-kehitys channel in Slack.

Wood workshop got some tools waiting for some service and installation. The laser got a new tube, though unfortunately somewhat prematurely. Lotta CNC has gone trough a data transfer maintenance and the storage room is now less unclean as it was earlier this year.

Toistaiseksi voimassa olevat ohjeet läbin käytöstä

Toistaiseksi voimassa olevat ohjeet läbin käytöstä

Kaupungin aikaisemmat rajoitukset on ilmoitettu jatkuvan nyt aikavälillä 30.11.2020–10.1.2021. Seuraavat ohjeet ovat kuitenkin voimassa toistaiseksi näistä aikarajoista riippumatta.

Seuraavat ohjeet koskevat avainjäseniä ja ovat voimassa toistaiseksi:

Edellisestä ohjeistuksesta poiketen, henkilökohtaisia projekteja on nyt mahdollista tehdä, mutta läbillä käytettävä aika on syytä minimoida. Työtilan infraan, työvälineisiin ym. liittyvät kehittämiset ovat edelleen suositeltavimipia. Omia tavaroitaan saa myös noutaa.

Kaikki vierailut on ilmoitettava etukäteen #lockdown-kanavalla Slackissa. Suosittelemme myös kertomaan, mitä olet aikeissa tehdä, jotta esimerkiksi vältymme ruuhkalta ja turhalta odottelulta laserhuoneen käytössä. Arvioi ilmoitettujen käyntien mukaan, onko tilassa turvallinen määrä henkilöitä vai ei. Ilmoittamalla vierailusi kanavalla pystymme myös tarvittaessa jäljittämään mahdollisia altistumisia. Läbin osittainen auki pitäminen perustuu kanavan käyttämiseen, ja järjestelyyn osallistuminen ratkaisee, voidaanko tällä varotoimella pärjätä vai joudutaanko linjauksia tiukentamaan.

Ryhmätyöskentely ja muut keskenään sovitut tapaamiset eivät ole sallittuja, mutta harkintaa voi käyttää esim. samassa taloudessa asuvien henkilöiden kesken.

Tiloissa tulee käyttää nenän ja suun peittävää maskia. Vältä ruuhka-aikoja ja työskentele hiljaisina hetkinä aina kun mahdollista.

Toistaiseksi avainjäsenet eivät saa tuoda tiloihin muita henkilöitä.

Perusjäseniä koskevat ohjeet:

Avoimia tiistai-iltoja tai muita tapahtumia ei järjestetä toistaiseksi. Pyritään järjestämään toimintaa etänä Slackissa ja muilla tavoin, seuraa keskustelua, ehdota ideoita ja osallistu vapaaehtoisena.

Hacklab suljettu 30.11.–20.12.2020

Hacklab suljettu 30.11.–20.12.2020

Helsinki Hacklab ry:n hallitus noudattaa kaupungin viimeisintä ohjeistusta ja sulkee yhdistyksen tilat viranomaisten suosittelemaksi ajaksi 30.11. – 20.12.2020, eli alkaen maanantaista. Tällä aikavälillä ei ole mahdollista tehdä henkilökohtaisia projekteja labilla. Avainjäsenillä on rajoitettu pääsy työtilaan, mikäli tähän on tarve. Suosittelemme FFP2-tason maskin käyttämistä, jos olet paikalla lyhyttä vierailua pidempään.

Jos käyt labilla sulkemisen aikana, ilmoita siitä Slackissa/Matrixissa kanavalla #lockdown.

Yhdistyksen syyskokous järjestetään kokonaan etänä 5.12. klo 14. Osallistumisen ohjeet jaetaan lähempänä kokouksen ajankohtaa. Avainjäsenhaastatteluja järjestetään seruaavan kerran vuoden vaihteen jälkeen. Ilmoitamme jatkosta ennen 20.12. viranomaisten ohjeiden perusteella.

Hacklab closed from November 30 to December 20

The board of Helsinki Hacklab ry follows the latest guidelines of the city authorities and closes the association’s premises for the period recommended by the authorities from 30 November to 20 December 2020. During this time, it is not possible to do personal projects in the lab. Key members have a limited possility to visit the workspace, if there is a need. Use a nose and mouth covering mask if you move indoors. We recommend using an FFP2-level mask if your visit lasts longer.

If you visit the lab during shutdown, report it on Slack/Matrix channel #lockdown.

The autumn meeting of the association will be held completely remotely on 5 of December at 2 p.m. Instructions for participation will be announced closer to the time of the meeting. Key member interviews will be held next time after the turn of the year.We will announce more information before 20.12. based on the instructions of the authorities.

End of summer update and important traffic route information

End of summer update and important traffic route information


Important: car traffic route changes leading to Hacklab

Starting from this week, Takkatie road to Helsinki Hacklab is temporarily closed from east and car users now have to arrive from Ravitie past Vermo hippodrome. The road work lasts for three months because of the new tram line construction. The tram starts its operation in 2024 and the closest stop will be 550 meters from our door in direction of Vermo. The closed crossing is marked with a red square in the picture.

End of summer opening times

We cannot promise normal weekly operations as for now, and there are no courses planned, only short indroductory trainings for tools occasionaly. Open Tuesdays are going on somewhat normally, but please refrain from visiting the place if you just plan to hang around without any projects etc., or in case you have been traveling or exposed to the virus in some risk location.

Now that much of the making and doing stays home, our online community is more important than ever. If you are a member and have not yet joined our Slack group, you can request a new join link from hallitus email.

New upstairs doors

This weekend we changed the first of two new doors in our upstairs expansion area. The goal is to connect them in our electronic lock system soon. The insides have also been improved with new paint on the walls. Doors had to be ordered in special measurements because of the low available installation height and odd widths.

There is also an ongoing work with the chemistry room. The fume cabinet is fitted with a blower that sends the air out. Similar work has been done also for the laser cutter, and it works with manual on/off for now.


Open Tuesdays continue with limitations

Open Tuesdays continue with limitations

Helsinki Hacklab continues Open Tuesdays. The government has set a limit of 50 persons for meetings, and the space is not very big for crowds. If situation or experiences from these Tuesdays show that we need to have additional limitations, we might set such during the evening or beforehand. Key members are advised to use the space on other days if possible.

Please note that the woodworking room and its machines are not in use due to installations in progress. Laser, electronics and metal working rooms are available as usual.

Some bigger and smaller progress in the space:

  • storage for woodworking is getting improved
  • upstairs doors will be changed
  • the back yard is more clean and usable than ever
  • we are taking the shipping container in use but it needs some work first
Exceptions in Open Tuesdays and table saw funding

Exceptions in Open Tuesdays and table saw funding

UPDATE 2020-04-17 We cannot yet make any promises when we will return to normal schedule. Open Tuesdays are at the moment still cancelled. The Arduino course has changed to online course only. We try to keep the calendar updated, but questions are answered in Slack/IRC/Telegram too.

We recommend that key members try to make only small and quick jobs for their projects and not spending long periods in the workspace so that there are as few people as possible same time (for example workday out of office is discouraged). All work for lab infrastructure and improvements plus social projects are welcomed even if they’re time consuming.


Helsinki Hacklab cancels all open Tuesdays and postpones the Arduino course until 2020-04-15, so the next Open Tuesday will be 2020-04-21 unless situation changes. The ARM/C course second meeting will be scheduled normally. We will keep the calendar updated for any changes. The exceptions only affect open events, so key members can use the place as usual.

If you have time and want to get the upstairs level more ready for use, you are very welcome to help us improving the new expansion. The lab is ordering new doors for upstairs expansion and we are planning to install electronic locks just like downstairs, but this will take some time as the doors have to be custom made because of odd dimensions.

Any changes and further exceptions can be found in the calendar.

New table saw

We are arranging a member collection for a table saw to replace the old one. If you’re a member and want to help us, you can support the project in our webstore.

Open Tuesdays cancelled on 24th and 31st Dec

Open Tuesdays cancelled on 24th and 31st Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve collide with Open Tuesdays. Regular schedule returns on 7th Jan. with doors open again for everyone who wants to do and make stuff.

It will be an exciting new year for Hacklab, we are already preparing for Disobey 2020 and more. We’ll let you know later!

We are painting the floors, there is no Open Tuesday on 16th July

We are painting the floors, there is no Open Tuesday on 16th July

  • Painting is done on this weeked, 12th-14th July
  • Start of following week the place is in very limited use
  • There is no Open Tuesday on 16th July
Maalattava alue on suunnilleen tämä

We paint the floors in lecture room, kitchen and 3D printing room, which means that there is either no access or no easy access to most parts of the lab (kitchen, toilets, machining room etc.) plus there is pungent paint smell everywhere. Also we need to move stuff away from painted area to other rooms, making them possibly difficult to use.

Please avoid using the lab if possible, until we can announce the place usable for working again. The job is done by our volunteers, reply in discourse forum if you can help us.

Maalaaminen tehdään viikonloppuna 12.-14. päivä, ja seuraavana viikkona avoin tiistain on peruttu. Muutoinkin alkuviikosta työtilan käyttö on vielä hyvin rajoitettua, ja esimerkiksi keittiö ja vessat eivät ole käytössä. Pyri välttämään läbillä käymistä siihen asti, kunnes paikka ilmoitetaan taas käyttökuntoiseksi ja maalin kuivumisen ohjeiden mukainen aika on kulunut.

Maali on kuivuessaan voimakkaan hajuista, joten jos sinulla on naulakkoon unohtuneita vaatteita, hae ne pois heti. Maalina käytetään samaa ainetta, millä mm. elektroniikkatila ja laserhuone ovat maalattu, ja hajuhaitta tiedetään jo ennalta voimakkaaksi ja pitkäaikaiseksi. Lisäksi joudumme siirtämään tavaroita maalattavalta alueelta muihin huoneisiin, mikä voi vaikeuttaa näiden tilojen käyttöä.

Maalaaminen tehdään omin vapaaehtoisvoimin, yksinkertaisimmillaan työ on tavaroiden siirtelyä maalattavalta alueelta pois ja lattian siivousta, joten kokemusta maalaamisesta ei tarvitse olla:

Ilmoittaudu vapaaehtoiseksi / Volunteer here with a reply

Last Open Tuesday of 2018

Last Open Tuesday of 2018

This year’s last Open Tuesday is on 18th Dec, so there is no meeting on the first Christmas day. The 2019 Open Tuesdays start on the first day of January.

There are still some days left for making DIY gifts at the hackerspace, especially with the new laser cutter!

Workspace status update, HSF2018 and more

Workspace status update, HSF2018 and more

Some development in the workspace – the next Open Tuesday still undecided!

Open Tuesdays and other weekly happenings should soon return, but as for now, the cancellations are still going on. The floor gets painted, and it might be impossible even to visit the hackerspace during following next days.

Hopefully we can return to normal actions on the second week of February. Please follow updates on this site to know better.

Update: Helsinki Hacklab closes its doors between 6th Feb. and 12th Feb

Open Tuesday is cancelled on 6th Feb.!

Also, basics of woodturning is moved to next week and the digital technology course skips this Thursday.

HSF2018 – Hacklab Summit Finland

This year organized by Hacklab Jyväskylä for the first time! The event is held simultaneously with Instanssi digital culture and demoscene party. Our HSF robot competition is presented to the audience, and all the demoscene shows are also available for the hackerspace groups. We also have time to plan co-operation just with our friends.

Major theme will be deciding if should organize itself into a formal registered association, as a top level co-op of Finnish hacklabs. We hope that these hackerspace and makerspace groups can join in the discussion.

Hacklab Summit Finland has been organized annually since 2012. The ticket shop is now open!


Photos from January

Building a Prusa MK3
One of the few remaining Turku Hacklab stickers
New Helsinki Hacklab logo stickers
Minifactory 3D printer. Always keep a spool of pink available.