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Thank you for year 2023

Thank you for year 2023

Helsinki Hacklab sends thanks to our all members and friends for this ending year 2023!

Greetings from 37C3!

The start of year 2024 will include our usual open Tuesdays, software radio meetup/course (in Finnish only) and Disobey 2024 event in February.

Please note that events previously marked in our calendar for January might shift places or have cancelations during the first weeks of 2024. We will sort this out as soon as the new year begins and new trustees start their work.

Our last event of the year is the ongoing 37th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. Helsinki Hacklab represents our club with a small team together with the Cold North Cluster.

New tools update and events

New tools update and events

Christmas present for our members: we just bought a larger and heavier band saw! Please use the old one until we get this first installed and adjusted.

The manual milling machine in metal working room has reached a point where we can now announce it ready to use. We received a lot of tools alongside it, so ask Miikka or Markusjm if you need help in selecting the right one for the job. The machine can be used as an ordinary drill press for metals.

Other news:

  • more hearing protection soon arriving
  • batch order of laser cutter materials? (planning stage)
  • we’ve budgeted for buying new cleaning tools, another vacuum cleaner, first aid supplies and storage boxes

Events and happenings in the near future

Next open Tuesday on 1st Jan 2019

Disobey – We will be at Disobey 2019 with, please come say hello and make/break stuff at our workshop table.

35C3 – is represented in 35C3 both with Finnish infosec groups and Nordic hackerspaces.

HSF19 – Hacklab Summit Finland 2019 weekend has been announced in Discourse. The event returns to Tampere Hacklab for 2019.