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May Contain Hackers 2022 – a photo album

May Contain Hackers 2022 – a photo album


MCH2022 camp is now over and the Finnish village empty in the scouting field of Flevoland, the Netherlands. Helsinki Hacklab was represented alongside with, HelSec, TurkuSec etc. other groups and individuals, plus joining forces with other Nordic villages forming the Cold North cluster in “the noisy corner”.

Originally the camp was supposed to be in 2021 but got postponed to 2022. In total the participant count was about 3 500 hackers, many of volunteering as well. If you want to get a glimpse of the atmosphere, get to know what the event is all about, most of the streamed talks are already archived online.

The village cluster got lucky the rental sauna, after a competing reservation for a different event got canceled and the idea was greenlighted from the organizers. Just like last time, the awesome new conference badge also got an app for the temperature tracking, though this time our village managed to release it quickly on day zero. As usual, our party tent was full of salmiakki in all shapes and forms except for salmiakki ice cream.

The villagers pushed maybe three or more apps in the badge app store, took volunteering tasks, competed in the CTF and arranged workshops or talks. Helsinki Hacklab provided laser cutted deco for the area. Our machine works great for this type of job because the the working area enables cutting large banners with a single run.