Old Helsinki metro display

Old Helsinki metro display

This old metro display has resided in our hackerspace for years and has never been installed anywhere. These types of metro displays were used in Helsinki metro until 2013. Our display looks clean and unharmed, and it might have been a spare unit. Now that we redesigned our kitchen layout, we finally rolled up our sleeves and bolted the orange box below the counter table
metro display installedNext we should decide what content we should display on the screen. IRC? Train timetables? Twitter? Any ideas? We also have a matching clock that needs to find a good spot somewhere.

This Tuesday we also did robot building, woodworking, tried to repair a broken laptop and lot more.

Did you know we have robot building days every Saturday? Free and open for anyone!

More pictures from Tuesday in Flickr

If you want to know more about the metro station display, here’s a more detailed blog post from 2013: http://sooda.dy.fi/2013/8/19/metro-station-display-reverse-engineering/

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