Member letter for late summer 2023

Member letter for late summer 2023

This is a short summary of the email letter we sent to members

1 The board has updated the general rules how to use the workspace / code of conduct. The new addition underlines the statement in our official rules that our organisation is for hobbyists. The new addition requires that the terms of non-hobbyist use of the space are negotiated and do not disturb hobbyist use.


2 The club organizes a course in DSP and SDR. The course is arranged in Finnish and you’ll find all relevant info about it in Discourse chat:

3 The board arranges a new type of open meeting for the members and their questions. The agenda is open and the subject can be anything related to the organisation and its operation. Members are invited to join the meeting on Sunday 2023-08-13 at 14.00.

4 How to keep your items, projects and materials safe and in your own use: by following these steps you reduce the risk of items being put into the trash or common use:

  • store your projects in key member boxes, if you’re a key member
  • in other cases negotiate the storing and the terms of storing items with trustees of work rooms
  • add your contact information on the project and mark the date of last progress on the piece
  • make progress in your projects so that the progress is also visible, a new change in the last date marking is not enough
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